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"Everyone smiles with that invisible gun to their head."
Chuck Palahniuk



the face on the hot sauce is the guy who plays spongebob

literally every human character on spongebob was played by the guy who voiced spongebob








Shall we consider what is happening in this very brief scene after the events of New York. These six people just stopped an alien invasion by themselves. They basically were on the front lines for earth’s first large scale introduction to alien life and then at great risk to themselves, killed the invading horde. Now eating shawarma, nobody speaking because nobody has anything to say, they sit each in their own little world.

Bruce - confused mostly, for the first time in a long time, The Hulk was a force for good and, most baffling of all, Tony was completely right about him.

Tony – trying to cope with everything that just happened, here we can already see the beginning of the trauma taking root inside him. He has the eyes of a man coming home from war for the first time

Thor – completely unphased. What’s another war to the son of Odin? What’s one more battle against an alien army?

Steve – mostly looks exhausted. Is this what the future is going to be like? He misses fighting Nazis.

Natasha – Staring at Clint. They’ve shared some crazy experiences before but this? This was something else entirely.

Clint – More than anything else, just happy that Tasha is okay.

We’re [the Harry Potter group] actually not the best in staying in touch with phones and emails and stuff, but we always seem to be crossing paths and it’s really good to click back into old family life as soon as we do.


Cum stains would be such a bad time though.


Cum stains would be such a bad time though.